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Give power to the buttons of your multi-button mouse!
Assign various actions to the mouse buttons
Assign actions to combinations of mouse buttons
Use several events for each button
Use different actions for different applications
More than 100 predefined actions
Combine actions into powerful macros
Use efficiently all your mouse buttons

Tremendously increases your productivity in applications!


Fantastically improves your performance in games!

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HydraMouse enables you to remap mouse buttons and to assign various actions to them. It is the only program in the world which can work not only with mice with up to 5 buttons, but also with many models of multi-button mice of various manufacturers (Microsoft, Logitech, Genius...), using its unique (patent pending) solution. For each button, HydraMouse can recognize different events: Down, Up, Click and Double-Click. You can assign each button the same action for all your applications or you can assign different actions to different applications. HydraMouse can assign actions not only to individual buttons, but also to combinations of mouse buttons, or keyboard keys and mouse buttons.

You can assign more than 100 actions, such as pressing keys, starting programs, scrolling through windows, opening files and folders, minimizing and closing windows, increasing and decreasing sound volume, starting control panel applets, and many others. HydraMouse has an editor which helps you combine individual actions into powerful and comprehensive macro programs.
Key features of HydraMouse:
  • You can assign actions such as hotkeys, some of HydraMouse's predefined actions, or macros in the form of: Alt+F, U, Wait 100 ms, TAB, Enter…
  • You can assign actions to:
        -mouse buttons (for some mouse models even to more than 5 buttons)
        -combinations of mouse buttons (e.g. Left+Right, Right+Middle, Back+Wheel, MouseButton6+Right+Wheel…)
        -combinations of keyboard keys and mouse buttons (e.g. Ctrl+Right, Shift+Forward, Ctrl+Shift+Wheel…)
        -simple keyboard hotkeys (Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Shift+Key…)
  • You may use several events for each button: Down, Up, Click, and Double-Click. For instance, you may assign different actions to Left+Right_Down and Left+Right_DblClick, Back_Down and Back_DblClick
  • You can assign actions for each application individually, or for all applications (i.e. system wide).
  • You can assign different actions to different sequences of mouse buttons, e.g., one to Left+Middle and another to Middle+Left.
  • You can specify that a mouse button executes alternative actions if it is clicked on an application's Title bar or the Windows Taskbar.


HydraMouse screenshot

HydraMouse screenshot

Some of the incredibly useful HydraMouse actions:
  - Right+Left => Show/Hide Desktop (how many times have you done this, searching for that small "Show Desktop" icon?)
- Right+Middle
=> BOSS! (minimize the current application and open some serious document…)
- Left+Wheel => Back/Forward in browsers or Windows Explorer (even if you don't have a fancy multi-button mouse…)
- Right+Wheel
=> PageDown/Up (fast scrolling of longer pages. Even better as MouseButton4+Wheel)
- Middle (in Windows Explorer)
=> Go to the parent folder (i.e. one level up)
- Middle (over an application's Titlebar)
=> Disable/Enable Close Button on applications (how many times have you accidentaly closed something you didn't intend to?)
- Middle (or MouseButton4) (over the Windows Taskbar)
=> Close Application in Taskbar (for quick closing, if you don't like unnecessary clicking. In Windows 7 this action is not enabled by default in order to not override the default Windows action for this button)
- Left+ArrowUp-Down or Arrow Left-Right)
=> Vertical/Horizontal Scrolling (very useful on laptops when you don't have a mouse)
- MouseButton6
=> Ctrl+S (Save As)
- MouseButton7
=> Ctrl+T (open a new tab in internet browsers)

Of course, you can do so much more by assigning to mouse buttons your favorite hotkeys in your favorite applications or games.

If an application has a shortcut for some command (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+V), then you can assign it to a mouse button. If the application does not have an appropriate shortcut for a command or procedure, you can create a macro in the form of <Alt+F, U, Wait 100 ms, TAB, TAB, Arrow Down, Enter> to execute a command as you would do using just the keyboard. You can also use HydraMouse's built-in macro recorder and simply record a necessary combination of keys to execute a command. With HydraMouse, mouse buttons remapping is easy but powerful.

And if you have a multi-button mouse, it becomes even more fun!
If you are a gamer, you can assign different weapons to different mouse buttons, or different spells, powers, items, potions… or create macros which will execute a combination of attacks to give you an edge in a battle!

With HydraMouse your multi-button mouse becomes a fearsome multi-headed beast!


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