The author of HydraMouse is Novica Paunovic, a physicist, inventor and programmer.

Current HydraMouse version is 3.20
Version history:

  - Various bug fixes

  - Removed a bug that, on some systems, caused that in the Input Trigger field on the main window the Double-Click event was not detected, or detected with a considerable lag which was also slowing HydraMouse response while the main window was opened.
- Various bug fixes

  - Completely new and much more powerful core engine for button events recognition and management
- Actions and macros can be be assigned to combinations of mouse buttons, or keys and buttons
- For each button, HydraMouse now recognizes different events: Down, Up, Click and Double-Click
- Different actions can be assigned to button combinations such as Left+Right and Right+Left
- It can specified that a mouse button executes alternative actions if it is clicked on an application's Title bar or the Windows Taskbar
- Several new predefined actions added
- Interface changes and improvements
- Various improvements and bug fixes

  - Program is harmonized with the latest Logitech SetPoint version 6

  - Fixed bug which caused that on some systems with Windows 7 standard buttons 3-5 were not recognized

  - Configuration Wizard improvements

  - Fixed bug where on some systems profile could not be saved
- Configuration Wizard improvements

  - Support for 64-bit versions of XP/Vista/Win7
- Added Configuration Wizard for easy mouse configuration. Automatic configuration for Microsoft, Logitech and Genius models,
semi‑automatic for other manufacturers
- Added several new predefined actions
- Interface improvements
- Various improvements and tweaks

1.41 - minor bug fix
1.40 - added ability to Export/Import actions and mouse presets
1.35 - the Free version has the same game support as the Full version
1.33 several minor improvements
1.3 main HydraMouse interface improved
1.2 added support for video games
1.1 several bugs fixed
1.0 first version released to the public


Copyright Novica Paunovic. All rights reserved.